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POLL: Who is Leaving NCIS LA in Season 5?

Written by Faye Constantino   // September 24, 2013

NCIS LAPOLL: Who’s Leaving NCIS LA in Season 5?


There is a lot up in the air once the smoke clears on NCIS LA! Spoilers abound and here are just a few to help you along to your decision. From the Sneak Peek, it looks like Kensi and Granger have a chance to save Deeks and Hanna, but they don’t, at least not right away. I know that would make me rethink my job!


We already reported that Daniela Ruah and her fiance David Paul Olsen (Eric’s brother and Stunt Double)are expecting a child this winter. Daniela isn’t saying how that will be handled on NCIS LA.


TV Guide’s Liz Raftery offered a few more Season 5 Spoilers in her NCIS LA Interview on Sept. 23, 2013.    

Olsen, Ruah and EP Shane Brennan with TV Guide’s Liz Raftery


There won’t be any break in the action. “It’s a continuous season premiere from the finale,” Brennan says. “We play the story out in that first episode. … Everything that we set up in the finale is addressed. I won’t say everything is resolved, but everything is addressed.” For Kensi, it raises the stakes of needing to rescue Deeks and Sam (LL Cool J) before it’s too late. “Now it’s not just her partner she’s saving,” Ruah notes. “It’s this guy that she might have a future with.”  


Deeks’ troubles may have only just begun. As if the stomach-churning scene of Deeks getting his teeth drilled wasn’t enough — “I’m sure everyone who had a dental appointment over the summer decided to cancel the appointment,” Brennan jokes — don’t look for the show to ease up as the season progresses. “If you think that that was the big moment in this story arc, it wasn’t. There’s something bigger to come,” Brennan says. “The opening episode is very, very traumatic for both Sam and for Deeks. … Post-traumatic stress is something that happens after the event, sometimes a long time after the event. Deeks is going to have issues well into this season, and he’s going to turn to the people he loves and cares about for help.”

Catch the Season 5 Premiere, episode 5×01 “Ascension” on CBS and the NCIS LA Cast on Twitter on Tuesday September 24th, 2013 at 9/8c.


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