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NCIS Ziva’s Revenge, Spoilers from Gary Glasberg

Written by Faye Constantino   // March 18, 2013



NCIS Ziva’s Revenge, Teasers from Gary Glasberg


NCIS fans are many and so are the assumptions on how Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) might take revenge on Ex-Mossad Deputy Director Ilan Bodnar for the violent murder of Eli David and Jackie Vance. I imagine that caring for Vance’s now motherless children will fuel the fire within her for that revenge and make Bodnar’s death taste much sweeter on her tongue. Many fans have wondered how she got back to “business as usual” on NCIS. I have wondered if she is merely biding her time.


The Press Release for NCIS 10×20 “Chasing Ghosts” reveals that “Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death” which is a hopeful sign. TV Guide’s Matt Roush has been able to dig up more Intel on the hunt for Eli’s Killer.


NCIS Teaser from TV Guide’s Ask Matt Column, posted March 18th, 2013:

Regarding last week’s NCIS question about Ziva and the aftermath of her father’s assassination, the show’s executive producer Gary Glasberg sent in this quote to reconfirm my answer: “Revenge is often better served slowly and deliberately. And the ramifications of what’s to come at the end of the season will be significant and, to say the least, surprising.”


The “Ziva’s Revenge” story line will unfold quickly in the coming weeks as we meet Navy Admiral John McGee on March 26th in NCIS episode 10×19 “Squall” I wonder if seeing McGee with his father will trigger some darkness and sorrow in Ziva’s heart. April 2nd, 2013 promises to bring back those memories for us, as we relive the events of “Shabbat Shalom” in a Rebroadcast of episode 10×11. NCIS 10×20, “Chasing Ghosts” will have been set up quite well, when that episode airs on April 9th, 2013.


Some fans have been upset by the number of “reruns” this season, but I believe that they are well placed and well timed. They serve to remind us what the underlying story is. In our lives, even when we are going about our jobs, there is always that undercurrent within that influences our work and relationships. For the past few years the NCIS episodes have been run in the same fashion, bringing back the reason we are all watching, right before the climactic season finale. It is a formula that must be working well as NCIS averages 20 + Million viewers, even when an episode rebroadcast.


Don’t miss NCIS 10×18 “Seek” on CBS, TuesdayNight, March 19th at 8:/7: Central. This upcoming episode is the one directed by Michael Weatherly and will place Tony and Ziva at NCIS Director Leon Vance’s disposal as they help him find a Nanny. I wouldn’t want to have Ziva David interview me for that position, would you?


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