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NCIS LA Season 5 Kensi and Her Ex Scoop

Written by Faye Constantino   // May 25, 2013

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen in NCIS LA

NCIS LA Season 5 Deeks, Kensi and Her Ex Scoop


NCIS LA is on hiatus and while we suffer through the long hot summer months wondering about the fate of Marty Deeks. He was last heard screaming as a power drill entered his mouth, held open by the most evil looking Dental Brace I’ve ever seen! No wonder they put you to sleep when they do Oral Surgery! Before heading into the jaws of torture and death, Deeks had decided to finally “communicate” with Kensi (Daniela Ruah) who had been egging him on. The dazed and bewildered look in her eyes left some fans swooning along, while others Tweeted “It’s Canon” and shared the same sentiment on Tumblr. Little did any of us know that Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) would use his “lack of communication” to protect Sam Hanna’s wife Michelle, played by Aunjanue Ellis. Maybe it isn’t that Deeks was hesitant to speak his feelings; maybe it’s just that he’s really good at keeping secrets. Let’s hope so, for Michelle’s sake.


After the Season 4 Finale of NCIS: Los Angeles, fans were scouring the internet for any news related to Season 5, specifically anything Kensi and Deeks related. The worst part of waiting through the summer is wondering whether the team will survive intact.


While we try not to panic, with the vision of Deeks just before the drill entered his mouth, we have a glimmer of hope for our favorite NCIS LA Power Couple, in our latest spoiler. This came from Show Runner Shane Brennan through TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich in his May23rd, 2013 column.


On NCIS: Los Angeles, will we ever meet Kensi’s ex-fiance Jack? –Lauren

No sooner did I utter your question to show boss Shane Brennan did he respond, “Yes.” But was that a yes as in sometime soon-ish…? “I answered you pretty quickly,” Brennan smiled, “so perhaps it’s something we are already thinking about.” As for what Jack might be like, Brennan isn’t locked into a type just yet, though he did venture: “Kensi likes Deeks, so maybe he’s a Deeks lookalike, another ‘shaggy dog’?”


Let’s take a quick walk down Memory Lane and remember what Kensi Blye had to say about her ex-fiance Jack in episode 2×11 “Disorder” when the team tried to help NCIS Special Agent Former Navy Lieutenant Lance Talbot, suffering from PTSD and having violent episodes.


Episode Quotes From IMDB Database, “NCIS: Los Angeles: Disorder (#2.11)”:

Kensi Blye: [about her ex-fiancee] He said life over there was like falling through the sky. Constant rush of adrenaline. Everything felt vivid and real… And coming home to me – coming home to me felt like hitting the ground. And I did – I did everything I could.
[Kensi starts sobbing]
Kensi Blye: Oh my… I worked with a psychiatrist. I helped with his meds, and I listened. I always listened – *always*. It was Christmas morning, I woke up and he was gone.

NCIS Special Agent Former Navy Lieutenant Lance Talbot: Where he go? 

[Kensi shakes her head] 

Marty Deeks: [From observation] She’s – she’s playing him. She’s trying to get him to open up, right?
[G and Sam exchange looks]



There are three things I know about NCIS LA, Shane Brennan, Kensi and Deeks and the fans. Any time the NCIS: Los Angeles writers can take a Shane Brennan idea, include Kensi and Deeks, shake well and add a bit of jealousy, the fans will go wild. Since we have already seen how Deeks was moved when he learned about Jack and how he disappeared, it was bound to come up again. What better time to bring Jack up again than when Deeks just brought out the jealous side of Kensi in NCIS LA Season 4 episode 23 “Parley” and kissed her in 4×24 “Descent”?


While the character of Jack has yet to be cast, the script as yet unwritten, we can expect his return to be a sudden surprise. Since he disappeared on Christmas and was suffering from PTSD, maybe he will return for the Christmas episode 2013. One thing we know for sure about Shane Brennan is that when he gets an idea, he doesn’t wait too long to act on it. We can be confident that no matter what happens, Shane Brennan has revealed that in NCIS LA Season 5 we will finally meet Deeks’ mom. I wonder if that will happen sooner than later, perhaps if Marty is in the hospital after being tortured? Hit the comments and let me know what you think!


NCIS LA returns to CBS in September of 2013 for the Season 5 Premiere, starting where we left off, with the NCIS LA team members’ lives and relationships, as well as the fate of the free world, hanging in the balance.


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