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NCIS LA 5×10 The Frozen Lake Promo and Synopsis

Written by Faye Constantino   // April 15, 2014

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen

NCIS LA 5×10 The Frozen Lake Promo and Synopsis


NCIS LA may have startled the fans with the final moments of episode 5×09 “Recovery” but we will have a long week ahead, waiting for the outcome of the confession! Deeks has declared his feelings for Kensi on more than one occasion, and that’s in addition to the mild flirtations of the past. Kensi said she wanted him to talk about his feelings in episode 4×24, well now he has. What will that mean for them, the NCIS LA Team and for the fans, next week?


After watching the New Promo, all I have to say is Kensi better not die! It would destroy me and my love for the show. I know that they’ve been saying all season that someone will go. I know that the cast doesn’t even know who’s leaving the team. I love them all… Kensi better not die!


NCIS: Los Angeles 5×10 Synopsis

“The Frozen Lake” – Callen and Sam enlist the help of a Gurkha, an elite Nepali soldier specializing in knife fighting, to retrieve a missing thumb drive. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks struggle to find a balance in their partnership.


NCIS LA returns to CBS on Tuesday,  April 22nd, 2014 with a rebroadcast of episode 5×10 “The Frozen Lake” at 9/8c (original air date November 26th, 2013).


Official CBS Preview


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