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NCIS Fans Say Goodbye to Cote De Pablo and Ziva David

Written by Faye Constantino   // August 31, 2013

Cote de Pablo of NCIS

NCIS Fans Say Goodbye and Thank You to Cote De Pablo and Ziva David


NCIS fans started to worry about Cote de Pablo signing her contract to continue playing Ziva David as far back as February, 2013 when Mark Harmon signed his new contract and NCIS was renewed for an 11th Season. The “Tiva” opponents started an online bicker-fest with the Tiva Fans and Ziva fans as well, saying that NCIS would be “better off” if Cote was gone. I worried that even though Cote de Pablo does not engage in Social Media, she would hear about the arguments anyway, how could anyone miss it?


Please understand that this is a fan site first and a TV site second. There are over 20 Million NCIS fans who tune in every Tuesday night or DVR the show. That doesn’t count those who watch later online, those who view in syndication and those who are months behind because they live outside of the US. Of course there would be divisions among any group that is so large.


I have been unable to to stop watching the video made by the fans to say goodbye to Cote de Pablo. It proves NCIS crosses the barriers of the “generation gap” as well as the things that naturally divide us into smaller groups such as our gender, languages, religious beliefs, and national borders. Ziva David crosses these lines as well because she is of Chilean descent and plays an Israeli, an Ex-Mossad Agent, an NCIS Special Agent and a Naturalized US Citizen. Cote de Pablo needed an advisor just to help her pronounce the words right! Cote de Pablo has said that she wanted to be a role model for other Latino Women, to empower them and to show that anyone can do it. Her dream has been fulfilled; she proved to all of us that anyone can “make it” in America, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, language, gender, upbringing or financial state.  According to these fans she has done much more than that, without even trying!


The young fans in the video each described Cote de Pablo in one word, (each was allowed to choose 3 single words) then told how she changed their lives and finally what they will miss the most. A pattern emerges as “I Have Been Changed for Good” plays in the background. It is my hope that she will somehow see their video and understand that she has changed a generation of young women all over the world and will continue to do that through DVD and Syndication. I know that Cote de Pablo will go on to do other things, but no matter what she does, I cannot figure out how she could possibly have the same impact outside of her role as Ziva David on NCIS. I realize it isn’t about the money; I think Cote de Pablo needs to move on and continue on her own path. Still, I believe that she should know the impact she has had already.


The video below is a heartfelt message, a Goodbye and Thank You to Cote de Pablo for her role as Ziva David, used with Permission of the publisher.

NCIS Fans Say Goodbye and Thank You to Cote de Pablo: The Goodbye Cote de Pablo Project

TonyandZivaUK Published on Aug 29, 2013

This is a video a put together for the Goodbye Cote de Pablo Project, this is only one of the things that I will be sending to her in a package.

I came up with the Goodbye Cote de Pablo project a couple of days after it was announced that Cote was leaving. I wanted to make sure that she got the proper goodbye from NCIS fans that she deserves so much! We will still follow her in every project she does, we are fans for life so this is not a “goodbye Cote, we will never support you in anything again”, this is a “Goodbye for Cote and Ziva from NCIS fans, but we will be right behind you in everything you do because you changed us for good”.

Like I said, this is only one part of the project that I will be sending so, Cote if you see this, you will get this on DVD and other things soon.

This was such a pleasure to make, it was heartbreaking and amazing at the same time. I got to listen to everyone’s stories about how Cote/Ziva changed their lives. I cried, laughed and smiled, everyone did such an amazing job!

I won’t be putting names on her for reasons, but I will be sending the names of people in the video and people who sent me videos but I could not use for many reasons, in the project packaged.

There really isnt anything else for me to say, the video says it all.

We love Cote so much and we will miss her like crazy!



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