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NCIS Fandom Plea for Cote de Pablo to Stay

Written by Faye Constantino   // July 24, 2013

TIVA, Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo, NCIS

NCIS Fans Plead with CBS for Cote de Pablo to Stay on as Ziva David


The news that Cote de Pablo was leaving NCIS in Season 11 has hit the NCIS fans pretty hard. While we know that NCIS will survive without Ziva David, she is like a member of our own families. The NCIS Fandom is made up of Men, Women and Children of all ages. My son is 18 and doesn’t remember a week without NCIS. Now that Cote de Pablo has decided to end her role as Ziva David, the NCIS Fandom has been rent into more factions. There are the TIVA Shippers who hope the story will end with the TIVA payoff. The Anti-Tiva fans are glad to see an end to any romantic notions that other fans may have. It’s funny how involved we all are with the characters on TV’s #1 Drama, NCIS. 22 Million fans tune in on average every week between Broadcast and DVR. More fans watch the episodes online, and fans from countries who do not see the current episodes read up on the show in Press Releases and Recaps.


The Heartfelt Pleas among the NCIS fans who want Ziva David to stay, is that they would sacrifice their long awaited TIVA Moment for Cote de Pablo to change her mind and sign her contract. Rumors abound that the problem is money, but even if that is the case, Pay Parity is not something the fans can compare to their own lives. The payout per episode is more than any of us can imagine making in a week. Such as it is, the reporter who “broke” that story was way off in the numbers. Michael Weatherly earns $175,000 per episode and Cote de Pablo is reported to receive the fifth highest pay on NCIS, in line behind Mark Harmon and her other co-stars. For those of you who think she is being greedy, look at the fact that the show wasn’t even in the top 20 when she started. Other rumors are that she is pregnant, has a boyfriend or (the worst) was too flirty with Mark Harmon. In her interview with the Boca Raton Observer, Cote said she had given the show 8 years and that after reaching #1, there is only one way to go.


NCIS Fans have set up a Petition to convince Cote de Pablo to stay. I signed and Tweeted the link and five people signed off of my link. If you vote and Tweet out the link to the CBS NCIS Petition and share it on Tumblr, those numbers will surely increase! You Can Sign the Petition to CBS Television Studios: Bring Cote de Pablo back to NCIS! by Clicking Here. Please Sign and Share with Friends. There are currently 13,000 signatures, but we can do better than that!


Below is the Fandom Plea for a TIVA Ending befitting the 8 years that these young fans have watched episodes over and over. Please watch and share, and read the message below that they left for all of us on YouTube.


NCIS Fandom Plea For Tiva | “High Hopes” Music Video


This is our attempt at sending a message to the people at NCIS who have a say in how they end Tiva (Or if they end Tiva at all). We want to show them just how much they mean to us and how long we have waited for them to become a couple. 8 YEARS. yes I repeat. 8 YEARS! We want to have what we have been promised, and even if Cote has left (I really hope somehow she comes back, she means everything to so many people), we still think that the writers can pull off an “off screen relationship” no problem!

It just doesn’t seem fair to be overly excited for the next season with the hope that “we are getting closer” and then this bomb has hit.

Even though, we have been happy with what we have been getting from the writers (Who are amazingly talented) we have also feel that we have now been robbed of Tiva and the 8 years we have invested feelings, time, tears and love have gone to waste! Hello guys! As you all may know, it has been announced that Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS :'(

I know a lot of people are extremely saddened by this, me included, some of us are trying everything we can to get her back and some of us are working on projects to give her a proper goodbye. I wanted to do something different, something to capture everyone’s attention! and I really hope it works as everyone did an amazing job!!! I love that I got this idea and it took only seconds for people to volunteer to help out! That is what I call a true fandom!So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE MESSAGE OUT AND SEND THIS VIDEO TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Also petition to bring Cote back! Go sign it if you have a minute.

Thank you all so much!!!

Video Editor/Project Idea/Organiser: Elisha (Me)

Singer: Skye [ ]Lyric

Writer: Anna [http://just-waiting-for-an-adventure….]

My Crazy Amazing People in The Video:

Stephanie S, Maddie, Stephanie D, Sammy, Amelia R, Skye W, Brianna H, Mathilde G, Lilli, Mirjami M, Kiera H, Megyn S, Laura S, Sibel M, Andrea M, Kelly N, Charlene, Alli P, Sean T, (If you were in this and I forgot your name, please message)


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