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NCIS 10×22 Revenge Promotional Pictures

Written by Faye Constantino   // April 22, 2013

David McCallum, Brian Dietzen and Mark Harmon

NCIS 10×22 Revenge Promotional Pictures

Here are the latest Promotional Pictures for NCIS episode 10×22 which is titled “Revenge.” The Picture set is severely lacking in photos of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo! I know that the Tiva fans will be extremely disappointed! What worries me, however, is who is in the body bag? It would seem implausible that it’s Ilan Bodnar simply because we don’t see Ziva and Tony… Or it could be that the NCIS team is investigating his murder and wondering if it was Ziva and Tony or Leon Vance who finally got “Revenge” in the end. Perhaps that is one of the questions the fans will be asking Cote de Pablo tomorrow during the CBS Live Chat!


Whenever an NCIS Agent, even the Director, is too close to a case, or close enough to be a suspect, they have been excluded from the investigation and forced to sit on the side lines. Could this be the reason for the finale, with an investigation into Gibbs’ team and the need to hire the best attorney available? Would the NCIS Team cover up evidence to save one of their own? They have in the past and I wonder if that might come out… Who knows what Gary Glasberg has planned to keep us boiling over for the long hot summer while we await the Season 11 Premiere. After the Season 9 Finale I really didn’t see how the stakes could get any higher, but here Glasberg goes, raising them once again.


I have to admit, while anxiously awaiting the NCIS 10×21 “Berlin” Sneak Peek, these pictures have gotten my curiosity up but the fan base is mostly talking about how fine looking McGee is in the picture below.


NCIS 10×21 “Berlin” airs tomorrow, Tuesday April, 23rd, 2013 at 8:/7: Central, while next week we have NCIS 10×22 “Revenge” to look forward to. For now, however, I’m still waiting for the First “Berlin” Sneak Peek and, like the rest of you, wondering what is taking so long!


NCIS 10×22 Revenge Promotional Pictures:

Sean Murray in NCIS 10x22 Revenge

David McCallum and Brian Dietzen in NCIS 10x22 Revenge

Mark Harmon in NCIS - Episode 10x22 - Revenge David McCallum, Brian Dietzen and Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs


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