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NCIS 10×22 and 10×23 Titles Revealed

Written by Faye Constantino   // April 6, 2013

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David in NCIS Berlin

NCIS 10×22 and 10×23 Titles Revealed


NCIS Fans are preparing for the ride of a lifetime in the final five episodes of NCIS Season 10. We are all on the edge of our seats waiting for NCIS: 10×20 “Chasing Ghosts” which will catapult us all into the final arc that will carry on to NCIS Season 11. Now two more pieces of the puzzle have been revealed.


NCIS 10×22 will be titled “Revenge” and airs on April 30th, 2013. Since Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo are heading to “Berlin” in episode 10×21, surely on the trail of Oded Fehr, then I must admit the title may be misleading. It would seem to me that if Ziva gets her Revenge now, that’s it for the story arc. Will Ziva get her Revenge on her father’s killer, and then learn there is more to the story? Was Oded Fehr working alone? Or is there someone else who caused him to pull that trigger killing Eli David and mortally wounding Jackie Vance?


NCIS 10×23 will be titled “Double Blind” and air on May 7th, 2013. You have all heard that term before, I’m sure. Pharmaceutical companies use the term when describing the possible side effects a particular drug may have on the patient. Here’s a definition that may offer some insight into what we can expect:


Definition of Double-blind from Medicine Net:

Double-blind: Term used to described a study in which both the investigator or the participant are blind to (unaware of) the nature of the treatment the participant is receiving. Double-blind trials are thought to produce objective results, since the expectations of the researcher and the participant about the experimental treatment such as a drug do not affect the outcome.


This definition makes me wonder if Ziva David secretly hunting Oded Fehr is NOT the “secret” that someone on the team is hiding. What if there is another NCIS team member with a secret? Or it could mean, as I said earlier, that the investigator (in this case Ziva and possibly Tony) are “blind” as to the true nature of their investigation into the deaths of Eli David and Jackie Vance.


So what do you think we can expect from NCIS 10×22 “Revenge” and 10×23 “Double Blind” based on the titles? Hit the comments and let us know!


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