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Eric Christian Olsen Talks NCIS LA, His Dream Job

Written by Faye Constantino   // June 27, 2013

Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen Says NCIS LA is his Dream Job


Eric Christian Olsen hasn’t been idle during his Hiatus from NCIS LA. While in Monte Carlo for the TV Film Festival, Olsen did numerous interviews with the press. The Season 4 Finale had not yet aired overseas when he was there, so Eric was careful not to spoil anything, even though word of what happened in the Season 4 Cliffhanger has spread around the world.


One of the interviews in particular, in the video below, was great because Eric talked about his “dream job” as well as doing an impression of fellow NCIS LA star LL Cool J. He goes into detail on working with Daniela Ruah and his other co-stars. He also talked about having the opportunity to work with his brother as his stunt double on the show. (Please pardon the French ad at the beginning of the Eric Christian Olsen Interview Video, the actual interview is in English with French Subtitles)


In a French Publication Eric Christian Olsen said he doesn’t watch NCIS because he doesn’t want to act too much Like Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), but the reporter, Natalie Chuc, was quick to point out that Marty Deeks often quotes movies, ala DiNozzo.


(Surprise.) Really, I do this? What I quote as movies? Conan the Barbarian, The Silence of the Lambs … Yes, yes, you’re right, it comes back to me! My God, you know the series better than me. I do not know what to say, say it’s the “pop culture” is in fashion. But you’re right, there’s DiNozzo there …


Eric also spoke about how his brother got the job. Here, translated by Google, is what Eric Christian Olsen told Nathalie Chuc on June 21st in Le Figaro.FR. He also talked about becoming a father for the first time, in August.


From Eric Christian Olsen: Meeting in Paris with the hunk of NCIS: Los Angeles By Natalie Chuc

Your brother, David Paul Olsen is your stunt double.

David is a former Navy Seal, one of the best. One day he came to see me on the set at Paramount. He sees my lining which flows through a window for me and throws me: “I can do better.” This does not fall onto the deaf ears of the production side, because, in addition, obviously, it looks to me like two drops of water, except that it’s bigger. This is a perfect fit. So, he works with me for CBS… but not only. In fact, he has several jobs, he worked [for a box (tr)] in security doors and private security guard for some international flights.

You will become a father for the first time, a little boy in August Are you ready?

“Good question. I studied child psychology at the University … But I’m not naive. When the baby arrives, it will be a tornado! (Laughter.) Nothing you learn in books [we serve (tr.)]. The most important thing is the love we give him.


NCIS LA Returns to CBS with all New Season 5 episodes on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013, NCIS: Los Angeles episode 5×01 Titled (at last report) “Unwritten Rule” at 9:/8: Central time.


Eric Christian Olsen Monte Carlo Interview video with Nicolas Bellet from TV.Premiere.FR


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