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Daniela Ruah and David Olsen Are Expecting a Baby Boy!

Written by Faye Constantino   // September 16, 2013

Daniela RuahDaniela Ruah and David Olsen Are Expecting a Baby Boy!


Fans have been speculating about Daniela Ruah‘s engagement ever since they saw a big ring on the third finger of her left hand. To help that along, Eric Christian Olsen, has been bragging about his brother David dating Daniela Ruah. I guess the fans had a right to know what was going on, but now the news just keeps getting better! After finally admitting that she is engaged to David Olsen earlier this month, the news that their wedding would be held in Portugal hit the news as well. Now the star of NCIS LA has told People Magazine that she is indeed pregnant, and expecting a boy!


Pregnancy News, From the People Magazine Interview

“I’m so thrilled about having a baby boy and starting a new chapter as a parent with David,” she tells PEOPLE.

“Its amazing how in love I am with this little person I’ve only seen on a black and white screen. I’m starting my own family and there is no other feeling like it.”


I must admit that I feel a little guilty for dismissing the idea that she may be pregnant when I saw Behind the Scenes Pictures that had Kensi sporting a baby bump. The fans asked if she was pregnant or if she was undercover, but I had no answer for them at the time.  The NCIS LA star is due this winter, which means there will be two Olsen babies in the playpen very soon!


Daniela Ruah, Shane Brennan and Eric Christian Olsen, Behind the Scenes


More Photos Surfaced after the news broke, and wondering how far back Eric Christian Olsen knew that his future sister-in-law was pregnant.


Daniela Ruah and Sarah Olsen


As for whether the pregnancy will be a part of the storyline for NCIS LA Season 5, Daniela Ruah sent out this Tweet!



So, how do you think the writers will handle it? Hit the comments and let us know!




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