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Cote de Pablo NCIS Contract Update, Will Ziva Stay or Go?

Written by Faye Constantino   // July 1, 2013

Cote de Pablo of NCIS

Cote de Pablo NCIS Contract Update, Will Ziva Stay or Go?


Cote de Pablo is one of the most private actresses on Television, never using Twitter or Facebook and never showing up on TMZ. While the actress probably spent some of her hiatus visiting family in Chile, good luck finding any news of that visit. Cote said in a recent interview that she likes to play herself down when off set, so as not to attract attention when she is traveling or shopping.


In spite of rumors that Mark Harmon said everyone was returning for Season 11 of NCIS, Cote de Pablo‘s contract remains uncertain. In the Season 10 Finale, NCIS 10×24 “Damned if You Do” NCIS Special Agents Ziva David, Tony DiNozzo, and Timothy McGee turned in their badges, taking the fall for all of the NCIS improprieties and thwarting the attorney bent on tearing the team apart by cutting off the head, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.


It was totally unexpected and in the final scene Gibbs had his sniper rifle trained on his old friend Tobias Fornell. The real threat, according to fans, is not to Tobias, but to whomever is in the car, someone he is protecting. Gary Glasberg claims that all will be revealed in NCIS 11×01, including what the three agents have been doing for the four months that elapsed. In the meantime, whatever has happened to Cote de Pablo‘s contract negotiations, she will appear in Season 11, that is certain.


Filming is due to start up again for NCIS Season 11 very soon, but if the series follows the same shooting schedule as NCIS LA, then the first episode of Season 11 is already written and filmed. According to Mark Harmon, Colin Hanks will reprise his role in Season 11 and Marina Sirtis has already confirmed that she would return to the show as the New Director of the Mossad.


With all of those confirmations, it’s hard to imagine how Cote de Pablo as Ziva David could be written out of NCIS. I don’t think that fans of the show would accept her death, so if Miss de Pablo is leaving NCIS after 8 years, there will definitely be more to the story. Whenever Cote has talked about her contract, she has behaved as though the negotiations were out of her hands. Gary Glasberg, Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast are like a family, so how is it that Cote de Pablo would not be signed for Season 11?


In a recent interview with EXTRA, Mark Harmon said that the show got better when Cote joined the cast and that she loves the work. In the June Issue of Boca Raton Observer, while Cote de Pablo would not comment on her contract, she said that whatever the writers decide about her role as Ziva and Michael Weatherly’s role as Tony DiNozzo, they would play the “crap out of it.” so it is clear she will return for Season 11, contract or no contract.


Still, even those “In the Know” are speculating. TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich was still unsure of Cote de Pablo’s Contract on June 27th, 2013:


NCIS starts shooting in a few weeks. Any info on whether Cote de Pablo will be with us for Season 11? I’m really starting to stress out about this. –Emily
You and me both. I gotta be honest, I’ve been working the phones and the cone of silence surrounding this sitch is growing… conspicuous. After all, it’s not like Ziva was left dangling from the ledge of a skyscraper and it’d be a massive spoiler to say De Pablo was on board to return. Then again, show boss Gary Glasberg did say (way back in April), “I’m confident that things will work out” with her deal. We shall see!


NCIS Returns to CBS with all new episodes for Season 11 on September 24th, 2013 at 8:/7: Central. In the meantime, we will have to be satisfied with the Best Episodes of the season on CBS Tuesday Nights! Up Next is NCIS 10×02 “Recovery” on July 2nd, 2013.


NCIS 10×02 “Recovery” Hot Clip from CBS


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