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Arrow’s Susanna Thompson Returns to NCIS!

Written by Faye Constantino   // January 1, 2014

Moira Queen

Arrow’s Susanna Thompson Returns to NCIS!


Susanna Thompson has been living the high life (and low) as Moira Queen on The CW’s Arrow for the Past 2 Seasons. Next Week, on January 7th, 2014, Susanna will reprise her role of Hollis Mann on NCIS! TV Line’s Michael Ausiello published a quote from Show Runner Gary Glasberg in his December 17th, 2013 column. It seems that in addition to being a Key Player in the first New Episode of 2014, her character  “has this huge back story, in some really terrific scenes with Mark Harmon/Gibbs.”


Mark Harmon with guest star Susanna ThompsonThe last time we saw Hollis Mann was in NCIS 5×03 “Ex-File” a title which had more to do with Gibbs’ exes than the case! InSusanna Thompson’s final appearance her character came face to face with one of Gibbs’ ex-wives, Stephanie (Kathleen York)! Jenny Shepherd, his boss and another one of his exes, speaks to  Lt Colonel Mann about whether Gibbs should “divorce” himself from the case as well, working with his new girlfriend while investigating his 3rd ex-wife! She later learns (from Ducky) that Stephanie was actually Gibbs’ 4th wife, as he tells the story of how he lost his first wife. It’s a devastating blow to her that he has never shared this horrific event in his life with her.


She also comes face to face with the truth about his never-ending longing for his first wife Shannon and his daughter Kelly. Returning home from a date, they find Stephanie in Gibbs’ basement. Jethro walks her out leaving Hollis alone in the basement where she finds a cassette she assumes is romantic music to top off their evening. In the final scene, Gibbs finds Mann listening to an old cassette tape of Kelly playing the piano. At the end of the tape, Kelly and Shannon send him their love and tell him they miss him… Mann’s eyes are filled with tears as she turns to see Jethro sitting on the steps.


NCIS Returns to CBS on Tuesday, January 7th,2014 with episode 11×12 “Kill Chain” at 8/7c. The New Pilot for Intelligence will follow at 9/8c. Intelligence stars  Josh Holloway from “Lost” and Meghan Ory from ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”!


Official CBS 11×12 “Kill Chain” Preview


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